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About me

Ana Pais

Astrologically speaking, I am Sagittarius with a Gemini ascendant. The taste for travel, for other cultures and different philosophies and for esoteric knowledge has always been present in my life. I studied tourism inside and outside Portugal.

throughout the  my career  professional I had the opportunity to 'sell  many dreams' to  who wanted  travel the seas. And whenever I could, I would choose a destination, and with a camera on my chest, there I would collect memories to put in an album, somewhere on a shelf at home. At one point, I had an experience of 'volunteering' with an indigenous community in Costa Rica and I discovered that I could combine my taste for travel with the greater purpose of helping others. It was also during a trip, but this time to Bali, that I had the first contact with ThetaHealing® - one of those trips, where the Universe and the stars conspire in our favor! AND  without realizing the course of my life began to change!

It was the beginning of the most fascinating journey I have ever taken – A  journey to the interior of myself and discover the unlimited potential that I am .

Today, I continue to travel to delve into technique  ThetaHealing® and to get to know my true Self better. It's rare that I take the camera with me, but many are the memories I accumulate, the learning I do and the growth I conquer. In this spiritual quest, I discovered my purpose, the JustBu project being part of the result of this discovery.

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just be you

Dare to simply be You!

About JustBU

I am an eternal curious and passionate about life. I've never been able to settle for the obvious, or resign myself to everyday routines. In the search for the different, for the answers to many existential questions, in the search for wanting to feel more, I found my purpose.   

I found that my passion is to help people find their purpose too, to grow and flourish! Help them with their dreams and desires for a healthier and more balanced life, in areas such as relationships, health, family or career!

JustBU was born from this desire, to INSPIRE others by doing what inspires me!

I believe that each of us has the right and the power to be who we really are, in essence and truth. Exercise your own Self and develop your potential by experiencing the best version of yourself! The world needs you, it needs more people who bring love, light and inspiration to the world!

Using the ThetaHealing® tool, JustBU's mission is to support you on this path and help you in your spiritual and personal development.  Dare to travel inside yourself and discover the Unlimited potential that You ARE!

"For those who do not know where they are going, any path will do"

- Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland -


One step at a time towards balance.

Thetahealing® Certifications

The information displayed in this profile  are provided by Thetahealing Institute of Knowledge®


Basic DNA

2014 - Bali,  Indonesia

Advanced DNA

2014 - Bali,  Indonesia

Manifesting And Abundance

2014 - Bali,  Indonesia

soul mate

2014 - Bali,  Indonesia

Intuitive Anatomy

2015 - Rio Janeiro,  Brazil

Rhythm to a Perfect Weight

2015 - Rio Janeiro,  Brazil

World Relations

2016 - London, UK

Dig Deeper

2017 - London, UK


2018 - London, UK

Planes Of Existence

2018 - London, UK

Disease and Disorder

2019 - Montana, USA

You and Your Significant Other

2019 - Lisbon, Portugal

You and The Creator

2019 - Lisbon, Portugal

You and Your Inner Circle

2021 - Online


Basic DNA Instructors

2014 - London, UK

Advanced DNA Instructors

2014 - London, UK

Manifesting And Abundance Instructors

2017 - St. Gallen, Switzerland

Soul Mate Instructors

2017 - St. Gallen, Switzerland

Rainbow Children Instructors

2017 - St. Petersburg, Russia

Dig Deeper Instructors

2018 - Valencia , Spain

You and Your Significant Other Instructors

2019 - St. Gallen, Switzerland

You and The Creator Instructors

2019 - St. Gallen, Switzerland

Disease & Disorder Instructors

2020 - Online

Rhythm to a Perfect Weight  Instructors

2020 - Online

You and Your Inner Circle Instructors

2021 -  Online

World Relations Instructors

2021 - Online


Intuitive Anatomy Master Instructors

2019 - Montana, USA


Game of Life

2016 - London, UK

Coaching Certifications

Unleash the Power Within You -Tony Robbins

2018 - Singapore, SN

Coaching and Communication, CECOA Constança Coelho Course

2018 - Lisbon, Portugal

International Certification in Coaching, World  Coaching Organization (ongoing) Marta Ferreira

2018 - Porto, Portugal

Academic education

Higher Tourism Course

1984 / 1987 University of Algarve,  Portugal

Master in Tourism Marketing

1988 / 1989 University of Algarve, Portugal

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