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Sat, May 18



You and Your ThetaHealing® Inner Circle

This 2-day course was created to help you select the people around you, in your personal and professional life, in order to create a successful and fulfilling life as you deserve.

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You and Your ThetaHealing® Inner Circle
You and Your ThetaHealing® Inner Circle

Time & Location

May 18, 2024, 9:00 AM – May 19, 2024, 6:00 PM


About the event

DATE: June 19th and 20th

HOURS: 9:30 am to 5:30 pm

The people you usually associate with determine up to 95% of your success or failure in life!

In this course, you will gain clarity and insight into who should be part of your inner circle and how to work on yourself, to start attracting like-minded people who can be part of your inner circle.


The 3 Circles of Relationships

There are 3 circles that designate the people in your life. Intimate, medium and external relationships. 

1. The outer circle is where your acquaintances are

2. The middle circle is your friends and co-workers 

3. The inner circle is the people closest to you, whom you trust 100%. This is the most important circle! 

The inner circle may be small, but it needs to have the right people so you can succeed and create a balanced life! Putting trustworthy people in your inner circle, who make you feel safe and secure, is essential for your personal, spiritual and professional growth.

Have you ever stopped to think about who is in your inner circle? How do you know who should be in your inner circle?  The best way to answer these questions is to understand what stage of development the people around you are at.


Assessment of the mental and spiritual evolution of your inner circle

The mental and spiritual development of people around you can be: infantile, adult or wise state. This determines their value systems, behaviors and beliefs about the world and the relationships they have with others.

What stage of development are the people in your inner circle at? Do they have a Childish, Adult or Wise mindset? Are you surrounding yourself with people who are adults but have a child's mind? Or adults who never became children? 

And you, what mental stage are you in?

You may be dealing with a colleague at your workplace who may be stuck in child training, which can make it difficult to rationally resolve a conflict. Their behavior can be aggressive, just as a child would throw a tantrum when he doesn't get what he wants. This can even include petty behaviors such as talking about other people's lives and creating a bad atmosphere among colleagues.

On the other hand, you may have been your parents' father/mother, which led to co-dependence and trauma. Making you take responsibility and control over everything and everyone, for fear of not feeling safe in the hands of other people. These experiences can create subsequent patterns of conflict, abandonment, and betrayal. Ultimately, loss of trust in others.

This course gives you the opportunity to release yourself from the feeling of loneliness and release the fear of letting people get close to you. You will have the opportunity to learn to manifest your perfect Inner Circle, which will enable you to bring your unique contribution to the world.

In this course you will:

  • Know your level of personal growth (through a questionnaire designed by Vianna Stibal), allowing you to reach the next level of your journey.
  • Learn to discern at what level of development the people around you are, allowing you to interact and associate with them without feeling drained, frustrated or guilty.
  • Understand your clients and students and where they are so you can help them move forward in their lives.
  • Freeing yourself from any kind of betrayal in your life, allowing you to embrace relationships with confidence.
  • Know who is trustworthy enough to be in your inner circle.
  • Letting go of the feeling of loneliness and the fear of letting people get close to you.
  • Manifest your perfect Inner Circle, which will enable you to bring your unique contribution to the world.


  1. Manual, Coffee-Break and Lunch; 
  2. Access to the private group on JustBu whatsapp , sharing space and support for all those who have already attended a ThetaHealing ® course, taught by Just BU;
  3. Certification issued by ThetaHealing ® Institute of knowledge.

Training Value : €350 

Prerequisites: Basic DNA® Course, Advanced DNA® & Digging® Deepening

Certification: as a ThetaHealing® practitioner of the Tu eo Tu Intimate Circle course, recognized by the ThetaHealing ® Institute of knowledge. 


- Due to the Pandemic situation, the  number of students per course will be limited to a maximum of 10 students.

- Students are asked to bring their own mask; disinfectants will be provided upon entry.


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    Para garantires o teu lugar é necessário que seja efetuado um depósito de 50€ e o valor remanescente liquidado pelo menos até 2 dias antes do início do curso. O pagamento é manual. Adiciona os teus dados e avança com o registro até ao fim. Receberás depois um email com as instruções para pagamento.

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    You receive first-hand information as soon as a new date is scheduled for this course.




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