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About  Thetahealing®


What's it all about?

ThetaHealing® is an energetic and meditative healing technique,  founded by Vianna Stibal, which allows physical, emotional and spiritual healing through co-creation with the Energy of All That Is -  the Energy of the Universe.

There is growing scientific evidence that negative beliefs and emotions can contribute to the development of physical, mental, psychological and emotional illnesses, among others. Our beliefs build our reality.

Beliefs are ideas and perceptions that each one of us has, considered as real and the only true. Beliefs are formed from a person's view of themselves and the world. It is through our beliefs that we look at every situation in our life. Beliefs are originate from many sources, for example, in our education, through the example of important people in our lives, "past traumas", repeated experiences and also through culture and the environment where we live and work.

By accessing the THETA brainwave, the ThetaHealing® technique teaches you to identify and change these limiting beliefs, feelings and blocking patterns, which are 'recorded' in the subconscious mind, immediately creating a new reality for your life.



Let's list the main ones:

  • Provide energy balance;

  • Awaken the senses, intuition, inspiration and creativity;

  • Clear limiting beliefs, negative behavior patterns, traumas and blockages;

  • Provide self-knowledge;

  • Provide healing and balance at the mental, emotional, spiritual, energetic and physical levels;

  • Reduce stress and anxiety;

  • Improve depression, illnesses, eating disorders;

  • Improve personal relationships at work;

  • Manifest what you want to create in your life.


ThetaHealing® sessions

How do they work?

A conversation in which the client explains to the practitioner what they want to work on; the sessions are always different from client to client, and the dialogue between the practitioner and the client is always present.

Through energy readings and ‘kinesiology’ muscle tests, the patient's blockages and limiting beliefs are checked, and the work starts with them.

With the client's permission, the practitioner accesses the ‘Theta’ frequency and removes the blockages and limiting beliefs from their system, replacing them with empowering programmes that generate awareness and a new reality.

ThetaHealing® is one of the fastest healing techniques available today. A lot of work can be done in a short space of time, depending on what the client needs and wants to address. This is a technique that is accessible to all religions, ages, gender and races, and that works in combination with traditional medicine.


How many sessions are needed?

A specific number of sessions may be required for each situation. Often many clients resolve some issues in just one session. On the other hand, a single issue may require several sessions if it encompasses complex belief systems that need more in-depth work. ThetaHealing® sessions are individual and confidential and take around 1h30m. At the moment, sessions are online via Zoom.


Online Sessions

or in person (Lisbon)

Importante, please read our Disclaimer. ThetaHealing® is not a substitute for medical diagnosis or professional treatment and we encourage you to see your doctor or healthcare professional about any physical illnesses.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How will the courses be delivered?
    Depending on the selected course dates, courses can be attended in person or through the zoom platform, in a private room. Reconfirm which modality you are signing up for. In the case of classes through zoom, these are live and online and cannot be recorded. Your stay for all the days and hours of the course is necessary to receive the certification.
  • What's included?
    Printed manual corresponding to each of the courses.Official books ‘Dna Basic & Advanced ThetaHealing®’Official THINK® Certificate for each course. Coffee Breaks * In online courses, the manual will be sent by email (digital version); Book and Certificate will be mailed afterwards
  • Como funcionam as ofertas Bónus?
    A oferta Bónus ‘1 Sessão ThetaHealing®’ tem uma validade de 3 meses, e poderá ser agendada, após teres frequentado o curso DNA Básico. A oferta Bónus ‘1 Leitura do Mapa Astral com Silvia Coragem’ tem a validade de 6 meses, e poderá ser agendada, após teres frequentado o curso Dna Avançado. Para marcação de ambas as sessões, podes enviar um email para
  • When I buy the 2-course package, when can I attend the courses?"
    The ‘Awakening’ package is valid for 1 year. You can select the dates according to the agenda available here. Or choose to do it on dates to be scheduled later.There is no obligation to participate in the Advanced ThetaHealing® Dna course, on the date immediately available. You can always opt for a later date. The awakening process is unique and very personal, so respect your time and follow what your intuition tells you.As courses are being booked, you will be immediately notified by email.
  • What is ThetaHealing about?
    ThetaHealing® é uma técnica de cura quântica muito versátil, criada por Vianna Stibal, e que essencialmente actua ao nível do subconsciente, ajudando a identificar crenças limitadores, que trazemos da nossa infância, que herdamos dos nossos ancestrais, ou até crenças a nível da alma! De uma forma muito simples, acedendo à frequência cerebral THETA, reprograma a mente e DNA, criando de imediato uma nova realidade para a nossa vida. É uma técnica que pode actuar tanto a nível físico, como por exemplo curar uma doença, como a nível emocional e espiritual.
  • Is Thetahealing® training for me?
    If you are already a person with some spiritual awareness, if you are interested in and attracted to topics such as meditation, crystals, angels, yoga and all that are areas of well-being; if you are already life coaching or practicing some holistic therapy, but feel that something is still missing, that can help you take that quantum leap; if you are looking for a life of abundance as you put yourself at the service of the world, creating impact through your unique actions and gifts; if you feel uninspired, discouraged by something that you don't quite know how to identify, stuck in a job that doesn't enlighten you and unclear about your FUTURE. I'm sure this training is for you.ThetaHealing® is a technique without any religious affiliation and its processes are not specific to any age, gender, race, color, creed or religion.
  • Are there any prerequisites to take the Basic DNA & Advanced DNA?
    The Basic Dna course is the initial course of the ThetaHealing® training curriculum and therefore does not require prerequisites.The Advanced DNA course is the second course in the technique. These 2 courses are the foundation of ThetaHealing® and highly recommended for mastering the technique.In fact, the only prerequisite for practicing ThetaHealing® is believing in a higher power. According to your belief system, this higher force could be: God, Creator Source, Creator of All That Is, Jesus, Allah, Buddha, Cosmic Consciousness.
  • What about the Deep Digging and You and the Creator course? Aren't they also part of the founding base of ThetaHealing®?
    The Digging Deepening course is the third course in the technique and can only be attended after you have attended the Basic DNA and Advanced DNA courses. The 'You and the Creator' course was recently added as a prerequisite for you to attend the other courses in the ThetaHealing curriculum.®, and which can only be attended after attending the three previous levels, being therefore considered the founding foundation of ThetaHealing®However, and according to my experience, attending the Basic DNA and Advanced DNA courses will give you an excellent base to practice the technique and to start experiencing immediate changes in your life.
  • Can I be a ThetaHealing® therapist after attending courses?
    Yes, right in the first Basic DNA course, you will receive the Certification recognized by the ThetaHealing Institute of knowledge (THINK®), which allows you to use the technique as a therapist, if you so wish.Your name will also be added to the worldwide platform of ThetaHealing® therapists, on the official ThetaHealing® website.However, it is highly recommended that you attend both courses in order to offer a true transformational experience to your clients. The two courses complement each other and bring you the bases on which the entire structure of the technique rests.This does not mean that you cannot apply the technique to yourself or to other people after the Basic DNA course. By the way, this is a live technique that requires practice.
  • Is there a payment plan?
    The payment for the Metamorphosis Package can be paid in full or in three installments: - 1st payment: 230€ upon registration - 2nd payment: 230€ up to 2 days before the 1st course (Basic DNA) - 3rd payment: 240€ up to 2 days before the 2nd course If you have difficulties complying with this plan, please contact us at or tel. +351 960 357 346. We will find solutions for you to attend the courses.
  • How can I make the payment?
    Payment can be made by: 1. MBWay +351 960357346 2. IBAN PT50 0007 0041 0002 1860 0062 6 // SWIFT: BESCPTPL In the reference, identify your payment and send a copy of the proof to the email: You can also pay via PayPal. Please contact us at or tel. +351 960 357 346, requesting details for Paypal.
  • After having attended the Basic DNA course and not wanting to attend the Advanced DNA course, can I ask for a refund?"
    Unfortunately not. The package amount is non-refundable. However, I can offer you 2 ThetaHealing® sessions 1:1, in addition to the bonus sessions, if you prefer.
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