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What it is?

ThetaHealing® is an energetic and meditative healing technique,  founded by Vianna Stibal, which allows physical, emotional and spiritual healing through co-creation with the Energy of All That Is -  the Energy of the Universe.

There is growing scientific evidence that negative beliefs and emotions can contribute to the development of physical, mental, psychological and emotional illnesses, among others. Our beliefs build our reality.

Beliefs are ideas and perceptions that each one of us has, considered as absolute and true. Beliefs are formed from a person's view of themselves and the world. It is through our beliefs that we look at every situation in our life. Beliefs originate from many sources, for example, in our education, through the example of important people in our lives, "past traumas", repeated experiences and also by culture and  environment where we live and work.

By accessing the THETA brain frequency, the ThetaHealing® technique teaches you to identify and change these limiting beliefs, feelings and blocking patterns, which are 'recorded' in the subconscious, immediately creating a new reality for your life.



Let's list the main ones:

  • Provide energy balance;

  • Awaken the senses, intuition, inspiration and creativity;

  • Clear limiting beliefs, negative behavior patterns, traumas and blockages;

  • Provide self-knowledge;

  • Provide healing and balance at the mental, emotional, spiritual, energetic and physical levels;

  • Reduce stress and anxiety;

  • To improve depression, illnesses,  eating disorders;

  • Improve personal relationships at work;

  • Manifest what you want to create in your life.


ThetaHealing® sessions

How do they work?

Conversation in which the patient explains to the therapist what he wants to work on; the consultations are always different from patient to patient, where the dialogue between the therapist and the patient is always present.

Through energy reading and muscle tests of “kinesiology” the patient's blocks and limiting beliefs are checked, and it is on them that the work begins.

With the patient's permission, the therapist accesses the “Theta” frequency and removes blocks and limiting beliefs from his system and replaces them with empowering programs that generate awareness and a new reality.

ThetaHealing® is one of the fastest healing techniques available to date. A lot of work can be done in a short period of time, depending on what the patient needs and wants to solve. This is a technique accessible to all religions, ages, sex and races, and that works in conjunction with conventional medicine.


How many sessions are needed?

For each situation there may be a need for a specific number of sessions. Patients often resolve some issues in just one session. On the other hand, a single issue may require several sessions if it encompasses complex belief systems that need deeper work. ThetaHealing® consultations are individual and confidential and last from 60 min to 90 minutes. Sessions can be in person or via Skype.


Online Sessions

or in person (Lisbon)

Importantly, please read our Disclaimer . ThetaHealing® is not a substitute for medical diagnosis or professional treatment and we encourage you to consult your doctor or healthcare professional about any physical ailments.


Common questions

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